We’re going to lug this blog to a more permanent blog site! I can’t really say I’m a huge contributor to the back end of this but Teach has been gracious enough to do that for me. He just told me to sit pretty. (What a nice friend, huh?) NOT only that… he’s hosting my site… FOREVER (seriously! that’s what HE said.)! I guess I’ll have to find a way to get a message to myself in my next life so I could keep blogging on that account. (…hmmmmm…)

Sometime soon, you’ll be redirected to http://underthetropicsun.com whenever you visit this URL. I can’t wait! *humming merrily* I didn’t know I could get this excited over a new URL. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, TEACH.

He has a passion for photography, by the way. I’ll have to ask permission but I want to post some of his photos here (or on the new site… can’t wait!). I’ll ask to post one of it in a while but maybe he’s reserving it for his portfolio. So I’m not at all too sure. I dunno if I can declare his site yet (since it’s not up and I’m not sure if he wants me to) but I will anyway… (or maybe not) I’ll just wait for him to register first.

Still, I’m so excited!

Papa and I dancing on my wedding day.

Across the floor we swept away,
There weren’t much words for us to say.
Your gentle eyes said it all,
It had much love than I recall.

I wanted to tell of things in my heart,
But I didn’t know how to start.
Your loving arms held me so,
That I didn’t ever want to let go.

Behind my eyes I could never hide,
It told you everything I couldn’t confide.
That I couldn’t say how much you meant,
When the moment came up and went.

I love you, Papa. More than words can say,
I’m grateful for you in every way
Our eyes welled up for all to see,
But that moment belonged only to you and me.

Felicia Fields' Quote

We are all guilty of judging people by the way they look and so are we all victims of being judged.

Pretty = Dumb
Glasses = Nerd
Fat = Lazy
Sweet = Weak
… and so on.

No wonder many of us are don’t like ourselves too much. Take a paper and pen and make two columns: a column for the things you hate about yourself and the other for things you absolutely love about yourself. Without looking, I am willing to bet that it took longer for most to list down the things that you absolutely love about yourself.

How I love Felicia Fields’ quote and aspire to live by her words. A complete change in mindset is in order to be able to help others too. I am my own harshest judge. To be able to accept myself for who I am, gives others permission to do the same.

I was rummaging through some of my photos in my hard drive when I came across some old photos of Siargao. I miss Siargao!!! It’s been 5 years since we last visited that beautiful island. Last time we went, it was for business (with A LOT of pleasure) because I had to write an article about the place for our local newspaper… Surfing Siargao. I’ve never been back since.

Believe it or not, the first time we went (which was three months before my “business” trip), we ended up spending P5,000/each (about $120) for the entire week. This includes our boat fare, accommodation, food, boat rental (for island hopping), surfboard rental (with guides), etc. We didn’t have first class accommodations but that’s part of the experience. I realized that it was cheaper to go with a group (we were seven on the first trip) because when we went back, we ended up spending a bit more. It didn’t help that we missed our boat and had to fly back home, either.

I wasn’t aspiring to become a surfer or anything but finding surf spots around the Philippines was a fairly new thing and at the time, my husband (boyfriend at the time) and I was hungry to try something new. It wasn’t so difficult to enlist friends to take the journey with us even if none of us knew anything about Siargao. We were really going on an adventure which really paid off. We had the time of our lives and we still talk about it to this day.

My husband commented that it was so out of character for me to suggest, better yet, PLAN an adventure to the unknown. I hated surprises and have an obsession in making sure everything goes off without a hitch. I guess, that’s why I love Siargao so much. It was a place that rewarded me for taking chances, for being spontaneous and for treating the unknown with excitement instead of fear.

Since then, we’ve made trips to different parts of our country. I wasn’t scared to try new things and visit new places anymore. In fact, I welcome it. 7,100 islands… there’s still so much to see. Now, our “Places to visit” list no longer consists of mostly foreign countries but local destinations instead. How can we appreciate what is out there if we don’t know what we have here? Discovering the beauty of my country one place at a time is such a pleasant challenge.

If you’re like me, most likely you fell in love with the wrong person at least once in your life. I am such a sucker for “love at first sight” stories which may or may not have been part of the wrong choices I’ve made in the past. I’d like to believe that there are couples out there who truly met and fell in love all within a span of a second. But like most people, I had to trudge through a path of heartaches… leaving behind a trail of painful memories.

There were times when I lost my faith in love. There were also times when I felt like maybe there was something I did that was so bad that I did not deserve to belong with someone else. A few tears later and after the self-pity has subsided, the hopeless romantic in me would gain strength and I would be back on the search once more… only to fail miserably again.

my hubby

It wasn’t until the day that I said: “All or nothing” when things started to change for me. It was a secret pact I made with myself. It was either I’d find the one or I’d spend the rest of my life being content with living life precariously through my siblings. By then I was feeling pretty pessimistic and was thinking that nobody every really finds the one. People around me were merely settling down and my parents’ relationship ended up in separation. Not very inspiring. Until I met him.

It wasn’t the fireworks-at-first-sight kind of thing when my brother introduced us and we didn’t become fast friends either. I can’t remember it exactly when we became close friends. It was like one day I just knew who he was and in the next, we were hanging out so much… text messaging each other every day ’til one day, I found myself missing him. My day didn’t feel complete if I didn’t get to speak or see him. That’s when I knew that I’ve fallen… that was four years before we got married and six years ago from today.

He has always been so wonderfully patient with me and still loves me even when I am at my worst. He makes me feel so secure. I see him across a crowded room always a vision of calm and quiet confidence, nothing else mattered. Not my nervousness enveloping me in a room full of strangers, not my inability to make small talk… none of those feelings mattered. I can’t think of a better person to spend the rest of my life with. I feel so privileged to be growing old with him. I can’t wait to know that one day far from now, I’ll be at his side and watch the world pass us by.

There are so many things in him that I am grateful for. I am most especially thankful for his love. It is his love that has shown me that I am indeed worthy. He makes me feel loved not just by him… but also by my self.

The song “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts summarized everything I felt and feel. I know that many of you can relate to this song too. Here’s the video:

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