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If you’re like me, most likely you fell in love with the wrong person at least once in your life. I am such a sucker for “love at first sight” stories which may or may not have been part of the wrong choices I’ve made in the past. I’d like to believe that there are couples out there who truly met and fell in love all within a span of a second. But like most people, I had to trudge through a path of heartaches… leaving behind a trail of painful memories.

There were times when I lost my faith in love. There were also times when I felt like maybe there was something I did that was so bad that I did not deserve to belong with someone else. A few tears later and after the self-pity has subsided, the hopeless romantic in me would gain strength and I would be back on the search once more… only to fail miserably again.

my hubby

It wasn’t until the day that I said: “All or nothing” when things started to change for me. It was a secret pact I made with myself. It was either I’d find the one or I’d spend the rest of my life being content with living life precariously through my siblings. By then I was feeling pretty pessimistic and was thinking that nobody every really finds the one. People around me were merely settling down and my parents’ relationship ended up in separation. Not very inspiring. Until I met him.

It wasn’t the fireworks-at-first-sight kind of thing when my brother introduced us and we didn’t become fast friends either. I can’t remember it exactly when we became close friends. It was like one day I just knew who he was and in the next, we were hanging out so much… text messaging each other every day ’til one day, I found myself missing him. My day didn’t feel complete if I didn’t get to speak or see him. That’s when I knew that I’ve fallen… that was four years before we got married and six years ago from today.

He has always been so wonderfully patient with me and still loves me even when I am at my worst. He makes me feel so secure. I see him across a crowded room always a vision of calm and quiet confidence, nothing else mattered. Not my nervousness enveloping me in a room full of strangers, not my inability to make small talk… none of those feelings mattered. I can’t think of a better person to spend the rest of my life with. I feel so privileged to be growing old with him. I can’t wait to know that one day far from now, I’ll be at his side and watch the world pass us by.

There are so many things in him that I am grateful for. I am most especially thankful for his love. It is his love that has shown me that I am indeed worthy. He makes me feel loved not just by him… but also by my self.

The song “Bless the Broken Road” by Rascal Flatts summarized everything I felt and feel. I know that many of you can relate to this song too. Here’s the video:

TEACH... meditating

Do you have a friend that you’ve seen on and off through the years but when you see each other again it was like you just spoke yesterday? That’s how it is with my Teach… our pet names for each other because when we met, he was teaching me all the *uhm…* “ways” of the internet world. While I, on the other hand, taught him how to live life outside the confines of his monitor. Well, not actually taught him… more of reminded him that there’s still life outside the internet. Luckily, he fell in and out of love during the years I’ve known him and at times when I was almost ready to give up on him ever going to have a life outside the internet. Oh, how I praised the heavens!

He’s a character in more ways than one. Always striving towards perfection in every endeavor he chooses to pursue… and brags about it! LOL! He has every right to do so as do anyone who has accomplished so much on their own. He deserves a pat on the back every time he does something commendable because he really does pour his heart out whenever he does something. Like right now, he’s into photography. He’s like a boy with a new toy during Christmas morning. He’s spending every free time he has to honing his photography skills. He has also given me his word that he’ll be my official photographer for this site. He knows I am going to hold him up to his word. I know he won’t disappoint me.

The photo above was taken with Teach’s new toy during his honeymoon in Cambodia by his lovely wife, Lorena Croft. Who, by the way, I believe with all my heart has THE EYE for photography (I’d tease him that she is more talented than him… and he hates it). He’s such an affirmation-whore. LOL! But that is what makes him my Teach.

Despite our friendship, there were times when I wasn’t such a great friend to him. I fell short of being a friend during my “dark phase”. I forgot those who were close to me, those who truly cared and he was one of them. Yet, he never judged, even when he tried to reach out and was shunned by me. He knew me well enough to know that I always considered him one of my best friends and I would reach out to him when I’m ready.

This entry is dedicated to him simply because he has been elemental to this site. He has always encouraged me throughout the years to keep writing and berated me when he found out I stopped. He threw my excuses unto the ground and stomped on them, refusing to accept. Thanks, Teach. Throughout the years, you have remained a true friend. Even through the miles, you still managed to teach me a thing or two. I am eternally grateful to have you as my friend.

Cups of Coffee

Mine: A huge cup of cappuccino.
My Husband’s: A double shot espresso.

I was just playing with my camera during one of our coffee dates and it wasn’t until I was going through the photos that I realized that there’s so much you can tell about a person’s current state of mind when they order coffee. We were no different.

We had this date during a time when he had to supervise work being done in a mall after office hours. I simply tagged along since I had nothing better to do. And there it is, the message any keen observer would see: The huge cup of cappuccino says that I can take my time because I had nothing better to do (good thing I brought a book with me) and his double shot espresso translates that he needs a “wake up quick” coffee fix because his day wasn’t quite done yet.

Every day feels like I’m choosing a cup of coffee. There are some days that I feel I need a pick me up while in some, I feel like I could just lazily breeze through. Whatever coffee I choose for the day, I always bear in mind that it is a choice. I know that though there would be days when I’ll need that double shot espresso… but I would much rather go through my days with a HUGE cup of cappuccino.

Everyday is a Tropical Day

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